About Cory:
MBA: Strategy, operations, supply chain, sustainability.
Likes: Developing innovative business models to advance the circular economy. Cultivating creative, analytic, thoughtful approaches to business success.
Appreciates:  Mindfulness, curiosity, logic,  hope, experimentation, connection, beauty, growth.
Committed to: The health and wellbeing of future generations. Envisioning what’s just beyond the horizon.  Bridging the real and the ideal.
Fueled by: Adventures in natural places, learning new things, backyard fires with friends and family.
Also fueled by: Lots of good coffee.
Strengthsfinder: Activator, Futuristic, Input, Responsibility, Ideation.
Location: Austin, TX (mostly), New York, NY (some).

About the blog:
Original writing and curated content on the questions I’m most interested in right now:

What business strategies are needed right now? What are the most important issues for business leaders to understand? How are businesses creatively evolving their models?  What are the next steps towards a more sustainable economy and planet? How can each of us develop greater leadership capabilities, productivity, and work-life integration? How can we each connect more to our purpose at work, and forge a career path that’s both impactful  and personally sustainable?